PCI Bauprodukte AG - the leading supplier of special construction material

  • Swiss subsidiary of PCI Augsburg GmbH
  • Founded 1990, previously active as sole proprietorship in Switzerland since 1978
  • Registered office and administration in Zurich
  • Product range for building craftsmen and building industry
  • Product systems
  • Partner of Swiss construction material business and tiling business

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    Most popular products

    PCI Nanolight®

    for all kinds of substrates and ceramic coverings

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    PCI Nanofug® Premium

    for all tiles and natural stones

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    PCI Durapox® Premium

    for laying and grouting ceramic coverings

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    PCI Novoment® Flow

    for self-leveling cement screeds

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    PCI BT 21

    Cold-applied, self-adhesive membrane for the reliable waterproofing of buildings, down to –5 °C

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    Most popular product systems

    System for Multi-Use Tiling

    Versatile, very low-emission tiling system...  More