PCI Augsburg: Seminar series BauKONGRESS [ConstructionCONFERENCE] 2012

Expert approach to floor tiles and natural stone

Terraces, balconies and façades always present a challenge for building professionals, particularly in the course of planning: How to seal them weatherproof? What has to be taken into consideration as regards expansion joints in ceramic and ashlar floor coverings? And by the use of which tips and tricks can damage to external staircases be skillfully prevented? Experts answer these and other questions during the coming year 2012 in the BauKONGRESS seminar series from PCI Augsburg GmbH. The one-day event entitled "Floor Tiles and Natural Stone. Façade – Balcony, Terrace – External Staircase“ will take place at seven venues all over Germany. All requisite seminar documents, full board and a certificate recognized by many chambers of architects and engineers are defrayed by a fee of 100.00 per participant to cover costs.