New: PCI Pecitape WS

The self-adhesive waterproofing tape PCI Pecitape WS is now available to produce waterproof corner and connection joints. It can be applied indoors and out, on walls and floors, in wet areas with non-pressurized water like e.g. showers in private bathrooms, hotels, residential homes and hospitals. The waterproofing tape made of butyl rubber can be applied outdoors on terraces and balconies. PCI Pecitape WS is used in combination with bonded waterproofing (PCI Lastogum, PCI Seccoral 1K and/or 2K, PCI Apoflex F/W), the PU adhesive PCI Collastic and the waterproofing membranes PCI Pecilastic W and WS. The self-adhesive waterproofing tape is easy to work with, ready to use thus enabling a fast work progress. The waterproofing tape comes in a width of 100 mm, approx. 0.8 mm thick, sales unit 20 m roll.