New: PCI Pecitape Silent

PCI has a new self-adhesive barrier strip in its range to avoid acoustical bridges: PCI Pecitape Silent. It can be applied indoors to concrete floors, floating screeds, screeds on an isolating layer, timber or chipboard floors as well as to old ceramic or natural stone floors. PCI Pecitape Silent securely avoids mortar bridges at the junction floor-wall when applying tile adhesives or self-levelling compounds (e.g. PCI Periplan) and the self-levelling isolating compound for impact sound reduction PCI Nanosilent because the barrier strip is fixed to the clean, primed substrate. The barrier strip made of polyethylene foam can also be used for the installation of screeds and to avoid three-sided adhesion with elastic perimeter joints. PCI Pecitape Silent is easy to work with and offers a strong bond to clean, sound substrates able to take loads. The barrier strip is 50 mm high, 6 mm thick; the adhesive leg covered with protective foil is approx. 35 mm wide. Sales unit: one box contains four rolls at 25 metres each.