Turning Old into New: The Hinz’s Family Terrace Project




Duisburg-Baerl, Germany


55 sq m

Products used:

PCI Pavifix 1K Extra, colour anthrazit


Mr. Hinz, Duisburg-Baerl

Specialist advice:

PCI Application Technology Mr. Stefan Marx; PCI Local Salesman Mr. Leo Krüppel

The house of Family Hinz is idyllically situated in leafy surroundings in Baerl, a district of Duisburg. The partly covered terrace was to be refurbished and re-paved with new flagstones.  PCI, represented by Mr. Stefan Marx (Application Technology) and Mr. Leo Krüppel (Local Salesman), offered Mr. Hinz, the house owner, a helping hand in realizing this project by providing specialists’ advice and briefing.

When refurbishing his 55 sq m terrace, Mr. Hinz opted for natural stone slabs that were grouted with the special joint grout PCI Pavifix 1K Extra. The PCI Pavifix product range consists of various products that constitute a functional unit and are intended for the exterior use when paving with natural or artificial stones. The paving joint grout PCI Pavifix 1K Extra can be applied for floor surfaces in private environments and is used for water-permeable grouting on drainable substructures.

The natural flagstones (Belgian Blue, carbon gold quartzite, flamed and brushed, 60*60*3cm) were laid on a loose chippings bed. The boundaries of the Vietnamese natural stones are edged by grouted concrete upstands. The joints were blown-out with compressed air to get the necessary joint depth and then the surface and the edges of the concrete flagstones were generously pre-wetted. This had to be done carefully to avoid undesirable water remains in the edges. Afterwards, the paving joint grout Pavifix 1K Extra was applied and inserted along with some jets of water into the joints by means of hard single-lip rubber squeegees which were provided by the Hamburg based Polyplan firm. After the grouting process was completed, any material leftovers on the stone surface were brushed off with a soft brush.

The work was realized within two hours by the client assisted by two family members. Mr. Hinz has good reason to be very satisfied with using PCI Pavifix 1K Extra paving joint grout as this refurbishing project achieved a more than impressive result!