Gold Coast Airport


Erweiterung Gold Coast Airport




Coolangatta, Australia



Tiling the floor area (old and new sections of the building) with large-format ceramic floor tiles from the manufacturer Agrob Buchtal


Total area approx. 29,000 m², several thousand square metres were tiled

Products used:

PCI Nanoflott [non-sag flowable adhesive]

PCI Rapidflott [fast-acting flowable mortar]

PCI Durafug NT [special cementitious joint grout]

PCI Nanofug [universal flexible joint grout]

PCI Nanoflott [non-sag flowable adhesive]

PCI Rapidflott [fast-acting flowable mortar]

PCI Durafug NT [special cementitious joint grout]

PCI Nanofug [universal flexible joint grout]


Gold Coast Airport, Coolangatta


PDT Architects, Brisbane


Ceramic Solutions

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Gold Coast Airport in Queensland on the Australian East Coast is booming. The airport was enhanced sequentially throughout 2010 by an international terminal including restaurants, shopping malls, a duty-free section and a check-in. The floor area of the building doubled to about 29,000 square metres in the course of this.  Several thousand square metres of the new terminal were installed with large-format ceramic floor tiles from the German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal in the process. Equally high-quality products made in Germany were selected for the final laying.  Tile laying and jointing materials come from PCI Augsburg GmbH. Since 2010 the PCI products are also available in Australia.


The high passenger volume and the airport operation's move – twice – created a lot of time pressure at the construction site. This applied to the floor covering in particular, upon which everything does indeed take place: Any error, be it during the material selection, the processing or when calculating the hours of work required, would have had fatal consequences for the entire project. That is why the contract for laying the ceramic floor covering was awarded to Ceramic Solutions, the masterly Australian firm commanding outstanding competence and many years of experience involving complex large-scale projects. CEO Oliver Huss to this effect: "For us, quality is #1. To produce a first-class and long-lasting result, it's necessary to install the best materials and to process them painstakingly."

The colours cream and mocha represent the visual foundation of the floor design. Agrob Buchtal produced these two shades specific to the project within the scope of a custom manufacture made of especially durable unglazed stoneware with anti-slip level R10 sized 600 x 300 mm. In order to optimally satisfy the functional and aesthetic requirements, both shades were "customized" in several stages until they conformed precisely with the conceptualizations of the client and the architect, respectively. PCI Nanoflott and PCI Rapidflott were used as products ideally suited for rapid work progress and flexible bonding of the floor covering with the underfloor. Precisely because of the tight schedule, the variable pourable bed mortar PCI Nanoflott and the fast-acting pourable bed mortar PCI Rapidflott fully demonstrated their key advantage: The large tile dimensions notwithstanding, it was possible to do without the labour-intensive buttering-floating method. Thus the work proceeded apace. By using PCI Rapidflott, it was possible to walk on the floor covering again after just three hours, with the result that the jointing work could be performed in a timely manner. PCI Nanofug was used here as the universal flexible joint mortar for all joint widths and all ceramic floor coverings and PCI Durafug NT as the cementitious specialized joint mortar with high load-bearing capacity and enhanced resistance capability versus acidic cleaners. Following this precision landing at Gold Coast Airport, Ceramic Solutions is equally as won over by PCI's quality as sold on the trouble-free and time-saving processing.