Maximum hygiene thanks to latest construction chemicals


Students in Bocholt are happy about renovated sports facility




Bocholt, Germany


Renovation of sanitary and changing rooms


262 m²

Products used:

PCI Geofug, PCI Seccoral 1K, PCI Pecitape 120, PCI Pecitape 42.5 x 42.5 cm, PCI Nanoflott, PCI Lastoflex, PCI Pecidur, PCI Gisogrund, PCI Lastogum, PCI FT Extra, PCI Silcofug E


City of Bocholt


Ingo Wiedenbrück Architect BDA


Fliesen Fasselt

Specialist advice:

Stefan Marx, Karl-Heinz Mohring

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Sweat, injuries, people in confined spaces: Sports facilities must comply with a high level of hygiene standards, so as not to become a source of infection – particularly in showers and changing rooms. Fliesen Fasselt, the company who renovated these rooms in the sports hall of a Bocholt school, used the new ceramic joint PCI Geofug for the first time. Two of the company's journeymen installed a total of 75 m2 floor tiles, 42 m2 floor mosaic and 145 m2 wall tiles. For this purpose, a solid, hygienic and waterproof substrate had to be created with the aid of materials. Products by the construction chemicals specialist PCI Augsburg GmbH - with which the company already had positive experiences in the past - were first choice.

For reliable sealing of the shower floors in the gym, the specialists used crack-bridging flexible waterproofing PCI Seccoral 1K. Sensitive points, such as corner joints and floor drains, were sealed with the durable special waterproofing tape system PCI Pecitape 120  and the safety lip seal PCI Pecitape 42.5*42.5 cm. To tile the entire floor area, the specialists used the flowable adhesive PCI Nanoflott. Since changing and unevenly distributed temperatures can cause tension in the shower area, PCI Nanoflott was enhanced with the flexible additive PCI Lastoflex. The building specialists created the ledges in the showers by means of PCI Pecidur supporting elements made of high-resistance foam. PCI Gisogrund was used as primer for the wall areas. Finally the tiles were placed on the walls with the flexible tile adhesive PCI FT Extra. After completion of the installation work it was time to apply the innovative ceramic joint PCI Geofug on floor and wall. The high-convenience ceramic joint is especially durable, resistant and virtually self-cleaning. In addition, the joint is particularly easy to process. To close corner, connection and expansion joints, the tile installers used the elastic sealant PCI Silcofug E. Same as PCI Geofug, PCI Silcofug E complies with high hygiene requirements: The sealant prevents fungus and mildew and is resistant to common household cleaners and disinfectants. 

Thanks to latest construction chemicals, the students and athletes using the Bocholt facility can enjoy a safe and hygienic state-of-the-art sanitary and changing area.