Masterful tiling enhances private spa


Private Spa / Rees




Rees, Germany


Design of a private wellness facility with swimming pool, whirlpool and floor-level shower (floor and wall coverings)


approx. 500m²

Products used:

PCI Pecidur boards, PCI Seccoral 1 K, PCI Pecilastic W, PCI Collastic, PCI Pecitape WS, PCI DIN Polyband, PCI Silicoferm S, PCI Elastoprimer 220, PCI quartz sand, PCI Nanoflott light, PCI Geofug, PCI Pecibord, PCI Periplan, PCI Nanolight, PCI Pecitape 120, PCI Lastogum, PCI DIN Polyband, PCI Carraflott NT, PCI Carralight, PCI Carraferm, PCI Glättmittel, PCI Carrafug


Private client


Tile specialist Jeremy Wyß, Rhede

Specialist advice:

Stefan Marx, Karl-Heinz Mohring

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In 2011, a spacious home featuring an unobstructed view of the lush-green Rhine dike was built with an elaborate wellness facility in Rees on the Lower Rhine. Depending on the daily mood, swimming pool, whirlpool and floor-level shower encourage athletic activity, invigorating relaxation or quick refreshment in between. A total of 500 square metres of different porcelain stoneware tiles and natural stone was installed in the object. The fine composition of a variety of materials, formats and applications required the highest level of craftsmanship and experience from the staff of the Rhede tile specialist Jeremy Wyß. To take no chances with processing of the precious materials, all the work was carried out with PCI products. The greatest challenge of the project was waterproofing the plastic swimming pool with elevated water level. Added to this was the execution of the floor-level shower in the surrounding area of the pool, as well as the installation of large-size natural stone tiles. The entire project was carried out in close cooperation with the PCI applications engineer Stefan Marx and lasted four months.

The centrepiece of the exquisite swimming complex is the pool, measuring 8 x 4 m, with a depth of 1.35 m, with elevated water level. To ensure optimal safety, various PCI products were used, such as PCI Pecidur boards, flexible waterproofing PCI Seccoral 1 K, waterproofing membrane PCI Pecilastic W, reaction resin tile adhesive PCI Collastic, PCI Pecitape WS, PCI DIN Polyband and PCI Silcoferm S. The metallic room-length ventilation channel in front of the windows was also incorporated in the reliable sealing of the entire floor area.  Thus, PCI Elastoprimer 220 was applied as adhesive to the stainless steel channel and sanded with 0.3 - 0.8 mm PCI quartz sand. After drying, the crack-bridging waterproofing membrane PCI Pecilastic W was attached with PCI Seccoral 1K and installed. Seccoral 1K was also used to glue the joints of the membranes together.  The light floor tiles were installed on the surface thus prepared. The large 60 x 60 centimetre format also creates a great ambience, making the luxury almost palpable. As special grout for large-size ceramic flooring, the flowable adhesive PCI Nanoflott was used. Concerning joint sealer, the choice fell on the durable and virtually self-cleaning geopolymer-based high-convenience ceramic joint PCI Geofug.  The shower in oriental design, located behind a column-framed passage, is a visual treat. The basis of its construction is a round PCI Pecibord made of polystyrene hard foam with a drain in the centre. The walls of the round shower were made of drywall construction and the circular ceiling of the shower closed with a Pecibord.  The barrier-free shower element allowed installation of the natural stone floor mosaics on PCI Carroflott NT and of the walls on PCI Carralight. The floor-wall connection joint was closed with the flexible silicone joint sealant for natural stone PCI Carraferm and PCI Glättmittel smoothing agent. For the other wall and floor joints, PCI Carrafug was used. The owner draws a very positive conclusion: "We are very satisfied with project management as well as with the end result. Mr. Marx and Mr. Wyß have worked well together, so that we had nothing to worry about. And the result speaks for itself."