TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH refurbishes factory building


Rapid and premium repair of intermediate ceiling by means of PCI Zemtec 180




Hermsdorf, Germany


Refurbishment of the intermediate ceiling of a factory building under high time pressure


600 m²

Products used:

PCI Epoxigrund 390, PCI Armiermatte GFS (glass fibre reinforcement), PCI Zemtec 1K, PCI Gisogrund 404, PCI Zemtec 180, PCI Zemtec F


TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH


Baugeschäft Daniel Burkhardt, Hermsdorf, Germany (preparatory measures)

Estrichbau Heidrich, Bad Klosterlausnitz, Germany (coating work

Specialist advice:

PCI specialist: Mr Jörg Schulze

PCI application technology: Mr Stefan Hofmann

TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH can look back on a long tradition at their manufacturing site in the German state of Thuringia. Formerly established as "Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf" (Hermsdorf Porcelain Factory) in 1890, it has evolved to become one of the key suppliers of soft ferrite products. In 2011, a factory building required refurbishment. For that project, and under high time pressure, a damaged intermediate ceiling consisting of steel profiles had to be equipped with a new substratum. The approach proposed by PCI specialist Jörg Schulze met all the requirements and was then implemented accordingly by the building contractors.

After breaking off the top layer down to the upper edge of the steel profiles by the Hermsdorf based building company Daniel Burkhardt, the preparatory work such as cutting and shot-blasting as well as the following coating work was carried out by company Estrichbau Heidrich. Besides hardness and resilience of the surface, it is the bonding between coating and substrate that makes for quality industrial floorings. That is why the steel profiles at first were primed with PCI Epoxigrund 390 and scattered with quartz sand afterwards. In these areas, it was necessary to lay the fibre glass reinforcement PCI Armiermatte GFS into the cementitious floor levelling compound PCI Zemtec 1K in order to avoid cracks. Then, PCI Gisogrund 404, a solvent-free and low-emission special wash primer, was applied twice to the total floor area.


Due to the different layer thicknesses between 15 and 40 mm and the tight time schedule, the experts decided for the flowable screed PCI Zemtec 180 as it can be used directly. They applied the screed to the about 600 sq. m intermediate ceiling using the sophisticated pump equipment provided by the building machine company Willi Jebok. After only two days, PCI Zemtec 180 is ready for use and can be stressed with a compressive strength of approx. 40 N/mm² (screed classification according to DIN EN 13813 CT-C40-F6-AR0,5). In order to produce a wear-proof and conditionally chemical-resistant sealing with anti-slip properties, the epoxy based sealing PCI Zemtec F, specifically designed for plant facilities and stockrooms, was applied in the last working step. The result is an intermediate ceiling with a permanently durable floor coating that even has been authorized for fork lift traffic within a very short period of time.