Where old pavement feels good




Meißen, Germany



New laying of existing granite slabs in the footpath area of the Marktgasse in Meißen


approx. 200 metres of pavement laying

Products used:

Cement joint grout for stone pavers PCI Pavifix CEM


Engineering office Müller-Miklaw-Nickel from Miltitz near Meißen


STRABAG AG and Tenner from Zabltitz near Großenhain

Specialist advice:

Falk Findeisen

Your contact for enquiries:

Kerstin Jung
PCI Augsburg GmbH
Tel.: 0821-5901-347
Fax: 0821-5901-416
E-Mail: kerstin.k.jung@basf.com

Meißen, the “cradle of Saxony”, attracts thousands of tourists year after year visiting the numerous places of interest of the city. It requires solid and safe paths to be able to reach these attractions of Meißen.

Traffic in the old town of Meißen rolls over historical granite slabs and pavement surfaces without any exception. The footpaths are mainly build of granite slabs in combination with small sett pavers, on roads and places you mostly find large sett pavers made of red Meißen granite or other hard stone from the immediate vicinity.

Preservation and renovation measures are carried out on a continuous basis. The rehabilitation measures are not only limited to the traffic areas, supply lines and waste disposal lines lying underneath the traffic areas are involved as well. Quite often it is the ramschackle substrate which forces to act just like in case of the alley Marktgasse, one of the arterial roads for foot and supply traffic in the old town.