PCI Pavifix 1K Extra: professional grouting for domestic use


Paving grout for any load




Duisburg-Homberg, Germany



Laying and grouting paving tiles in a way that enables drainage with PCI Pavifix 1K ExtraDrainagefähiges Verlegen und Verfugen von Bodenplatten mit PCI Pavifix 1K Extra


Approx. 50 sq. m

Products used:

PCI Pavifix 1K Extra


Private person


Gartengestaltung Hirschelmann Gbr, Moers

Specialist advice:

PCI applications engineer Stefan Marx

PCI demonstration consultant Frank Gabriel

Paving and natural stone surfaces need to satisfy complex requirements and be visually appealing at the same time. The choice of grout is crucial for professional installation. The PCI Pavifix family provides grout for every load and construction. When creating a private garden terrace in Duisburg-Homberg, the paving grout PCI Pavifix 1K Extra was used. At the recommendation of PCI applications engineer Stefan Marx, the staff of the contracted company Gartengestaltung Hirschelmann GbR laid the paving in a way that is capable of drainage, entirely on an unbound substructure.


The paving tiles "Granite COLOMBO anthracite – grey" (60 x 30 x 3 cm) were laid over an area of about 50 m², on top of the existing basaltic concrete slabs. The jointing process entailed the client to soak the surface with water the previous evening and then the following day four men carried out the work using PCI Pavifix 1K Extra within two and a half hours, which included preparation and finishing. Using a rubber-lipped squeegee the landscape gardeners incorporated the paving grout adding water continuously to prevent the joints collapsing. The connecting joints to sewer connections were also filled in with PCI Pavifix 1K Extra. Roughly ten minutes after filling in the joints, the Hirschelmann staff swept the freshly grouted paving area with a damp coconut broom. After about two hours they were able to remove the last grout remains. The client seemed extremely pleased with the overall appearance of his new terrace. He had not expected that such a long-lasting attractive and weed-free paving area could be grouted so professionally in such a short time.