A ballroom receives its ball dress


Creating the glittering highlight in the Hilton Frankfurt Airport




Frankfurt on the Main, Germany


Installing glass mosaics

Products used:

PCI Bicollit Classic, PCI Nanofug


The Squaire GmbH & Co. KG

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

Site management: ARGE Innenausbau Airrail Center Frankfurt, Hofheim-Wallau

Engineering consultant: Ralf Marth, Marth engineering and consulting services, Mendig


JSK Dipl.-Ing. Architekten, Frankfurt on the Main

JOI-Design, Hamburg

Specialist advice:

PCI application engineer Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hilden

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The Squaire GmbH & Co. KG is Germany’s largest office building (length 660 metres, width 65 metres, height 45 metres, 9 floors) and accommodates not only business areas but also two spacious atriums with restaurants, cafés, shops and two hotels run by the renowned Hilton Group: the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport. The first features a special attraction, the Globe ballroom. A monolithic yet compact-looking building with a floor area of 470 square metres and external height just short of an impressive ten metres. The metallic-looking surface has been covered in reflective glass mosaics by construction professionals from specialist tiling company, Bäder-Bechthum GmbH & Co. KG. For this they used a familiar, tried and tested bonding system, the single-component, dispersion-based adhesive, PCI Bicollit Classic.  Neutrally cured, easy to use, light in colour, versatile and highly adhesive, PCI Bicollit Classic proved to be ideal flooring installation material for the intricate mosaic work. Packed in an 18-kg bucket and ready-to-use, the adhesive complies with the requirements of regulation D1TE according to DIN EN 12004. The adhesive requires no mixing, making it possible to cover the entire outside of the Globe quickly. Joining the walls and ceilings at the rounded edges of the ballroom proved to be the biggest challenge the craftsmen faced. However, using the dispersion-based adhesive made this work much easier. The outcome of previous trial installations by expert craftsmen in the Marth workshops and engineers in the testing department at PCI Augsburg GmbH was that, although the glass mosaics had to be installed without cement, they could still be grouted with a cement-based joint grout. It was the silver-grey, variable, flexible joint grout, PCI Nanofug, used to grout the glass mosaics that gave the entire finish its eventual characteristic appearance.