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Berlin, Germany


Contemporary art has been presented in the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin since October 2008. The hall designed and planned by Prof. Adolf Krischanitz with a basic area of 20 x 56.25 x 10.5 metres is located at the Schlossplatz for a temporary period of two years. The construction is made of wood with trussed beams which surfaces are cladded with fibre cement boards at the inside and outside. The interior accommodates an exhibition hall with an area of approx. 600 sqm, also foyer and restaurant. The outer façade of the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin offers the artists another 1700 sqm of space waiting to be designed.


380 m²

Products used:

PCI Pericret

PCI Nanosilent

PCI Periplan

PCI Nanoflott

PCI Seccoral 2K

PCI Nanofug

PCI Silcofug E


Cube Kunsthalle Berlin GmbH, Berlin


Architekt Krischanitz ZT GmbH, Wien


Fliesen-Pätsch GmbH, Berlin

Specialist advice:

Diego Kohls

Your contact for enquiries:

Kerstin Jung PCI-Augsburg GmbH
Tel.-Durchwahl: 0821-5901-347
Fax: 0821-5901-416
E-Mail: kerstin.jung@basf.com

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According to its own proclamation the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin presents “outstanding positions of international contemporary art in Berlin” to a wide audience. Besides the exhibitions being presented for several weeks there are the productive and communicative contents of the Kunsthalle: new formats are developed and presented. A constantly changing, exhibition related social program, events such as “Best Practice, Berlin”, “Visiting Berlin” and “”StreitOrt” (discussion scene), the “MontagsBar” where artists perform as DJ for one night and lectures of the academy c/o are supposed to emphasize the dynamism and laboratory character of the “Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin”. For detailed information on the exhibitions, the concepts of events as well as the ongoing program see www.kunsthalle-berlin.com.

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