Flexible reactive waterproofing membrane, 2 components

PCI Barraseal® Turbo

for external basement walls, foundations and concrete elements

With official test certificate.
PCI Barraseal® Turbo
features and benefits:
  • 2 component, flexible reactive waterproofing membrane for basement walls, foundations and concrete elements against soil moisture, standing seepage water and pressing water.
  • Radon barrier, for a high protection level to your health.
  • For multiple use: as bonding slurry, waterproofing of surfaces, foundation walls, horizontal surfaces, for gluing drainage boards and insulation boards and as surface protection for concrete elements.
  • Meets all requirements as surface protection of class OS 5b in accordance with the guideline for reinforced steel.
  • Easy to apply by roller, brush or trowel.
  • Fast setting, for work under time pressure.
  • Reliable bond, for use on mineral substrates and bituminous substrates.
  • Water vapour permeable, resistant to UV, ageing and weather conditions.
  • Efficient: High dry layer thickness of approx. 90% of material quantity applied.
  • Can be painted over and plastered over.
  • Resistant to frost, frost/de-icing salt and permeable: protection from harmful salts such as chloride.
fields of application:
  • For indoors, outdoors, walls and floors.
  • For waterproofing basement walls, foundations and concrete structures to DIN 18533 class W1-E.
  • As waterproofing against pressing water in accordance with the MDS test principles.
  • As a damp proof course under walls to DIN 18533 class W4-E.
  • As a flexible waterproofing of a foundation wall to DIN 18533 class W4-E.
  • As surface / chloride protection to EN 1504-2 (table 5) for reinforced steel.
  • As waterproofing of a reservoir to DIN 18535 up to a water column height of 10 metres.
  • For gluing protection boards, drain boards and insulation boards.
  • For crack-bridging waterproofing of old damaged basement waterproofing layers.
colour: grey
packaging: 20-kg-pail
name Test report Bestimmung des Radondiffusionskoeffizienten rules and standards Bestimmung des Radondiffusionskoeffizienten combined with product PCI Barraseal® Turbo
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