Refurbishing mortar systems from PCI for durable buildings

Every building is exposed to wind and weather. A variety of environmental factors may damage the fabric of the building, calling for thorough refurbishment. Especially walls that have been attacked by moisture and salt crystals present problems for any property owner. Moisture and salt damage is visible on the surface in the form of damp spots, efflorescence or loose plaster. In order to remedy damage of this type, the first step should always be to identify the cause of the moisture damage. For expert preliminary investigations of the causes of damage, PCI application technicians are always available. On the basis of the results, you will be in a position to carry out the necessary repairs using our construction systems which represent a permanent solution.

PCI Barra® Creme

Silane injection Solvent-free waterproofing cream for horizontal barriers

PCI Barra® Gisol

Horizontal damp-proof course against rising damp

PCI Barra® Inject

Filling mortar for drill holes, cavities and cracks in brickwork

PCI Saniment® 2 in 1

Refurbishing mortar for substrates exposed to moisture and salt, single layer

PCI Saniment® HA

Stipple coat for low absorbent, smooth surfaces

Waterproofing, application of refurbishing mortar and protection of walls

After the cause and type of moisture damage have been identified (soil moisture, standing water or pressing water) further steps for the repair of the building must be taken immediately. Otherwise, the precious fabric of the building may continue to decay. The refurbishment of masonry may be divided into the following stages:

Removal of old plaster
Preparation of substrate for waterproofing
Application of waterproofing
Preparation of substrate for refurbishing mortar
Application of refurbishing mortar
Shaping of surface

In our product range, you will find various refurbishing mortar and waterproofing systems suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor substrates. Following the principle of “problem, cause and solution”, these systems feature top-class products based on innovation and reliability, laying the ideal foundation for the durable refurbishment of a building.

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Refurbishing mortar from PCI for the professional refurbishment of your masonry

Do you have damp walls in your house and would you like to remedy the problem as quickly and professionally as possible? At PCI Augsburg GmbH, we will be pleased to provide support with our high-quality products such as PCI Saniment® 2 in 1 refurbishing mortar. As a specialized manufacturer of construction chemicals products, we know how important the competent implementation of construction projects is.

Thanks to our dedicated specialist personnel and continuous feedback from contractors and dealers, our product range benefits from continuous further development and optimization. The PCI brand stands for innovation and top quality. Together with our reliable service and our expert advisers, we can ensure that your construction project is realized professionally and without any problems.

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