Sustainable concrete protection for roofs, walls and ceilings

There are many different reasons for the protection of concrete surfaces and a wide variety of protection possibilities. Especially in outdoor applications, the protection of concrete against wind, weather and other environmental effects is essential. PCI supplies water-repellent, oil-repellent coatings and paints with crack-bridging properties. The basic principle of any coating is to form a film that protects the construction material against mechanical and chemical attack.

Our hydrophobic agents such as PCI Silconal® 328 are easily absorbed by the surface and are suitable for highly porous construction materials. Another product in the Silconal® family, PCI Silconal® 353, is suitable for use as an oleophobic agent and as a precaution against graffiti. Thanks to the use of fluorosilane, this product has an intensive beading effect.

PCI Barraseal® Turbo

Flexible two-component reactive waterproofing membrane for external basement walls, foundations and concrete elements

PCI Betonfinish® W

Surface protection for facades and civil engineering structures

PCI Betonfinish® W Lasur

Glazing protective coat air drying based on aqueous acrylic

PCI Polyflex®

Flexible surface protection for facades and civil engineering structures

PCI Silconal® 303

Water-based, ready-to-use hydrophobic agent based on alkyl alkoxy

PCI Silconal® 328

Solvent-free hydrophobic agent for walls and overhead application

PCI Silconal® 353

Hydrophobic and oleophobic agent repellent to oil and dirt

PCI Silconal® AG

Anti-graffiti protective coating as sacrificial and isolating layer

PCI Silconal® W

Preservative impregnation against weathering for facades

Concrete surface protection from PCI - effective and easy-to-use

The concrete protection products from our range are simply applied to the surface and develop their full effect immediately after the end of the drying phase. If you want to protect concrete against aggressive gases and reinforcement corrosion, we recommend the use of PCI Betonfinish® W – also available as a glaze with high water vapour diffusion properties. If you also need crack-bridging properties, you should opt for PCI Polyflex®, our elastic surface protection product for facades and civil engineering structures.

In contrast to these products, the water-based water-based hydrophobic agent PCI Silconal® 303 effectively penetrates the substrate, reducing the formation of mould, moss, algae and efflorescence. We have the right product for any application.

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Specialist competence and experience: the PCI concept for building professionals

p>You can count on our long-standing experiences as a manufacturer and benefit from our know-how for your construction projects. The smart PCI system solutions include the right products for any application and can be combined individually. Our range not only includes concrete protection products but also joint sealants and landscape gardening products as well as flooring adhesives.

Benefit from the personal advice of PCI experts in your area - contact us online. We provide reliable, competent advice on specific products to ensure that your construction project is successful.

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