Professional construction adhesives for work above and below ground and on interiors

We offer construction adhesives and installation mortars for a wide variety of applications, with the appropriate special product for any material. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a number of different products ranging from fast-curing construction adhesives for interior work to frost-resistant performance grouts for use in road building.

The PCI series Barrafix® and Polyfix® are designed for various different applications and can be processed quickly and reliably.

PCI Barrafix® 920

Multi-use anchoring mortar for medium and heavy loads

PCI Barrafix® EP

Epoxy construction adhesive for friction-locked adhesion

PCI Polyfix® 30 Sek.

Quick setting mortar for fast repairs and plugging water leaks

PCI Polyfix® 5 Min.

Instant cement mortar for repair and anchoring

PCI Polyfix® plus

Quick setting cement mortar for quick repairs in above and below ground situations

PCI Polyfix® plus Fluid

Quick setting cement mortar for quick repairs in above and below ground situations

PCI Polyfix® plus L

Quick setting cement mortar for the quick repair in above and below ground situations

Bonding metal and concrete with two-component construction adhesives

When joining different materials, it is normally only possible to obtain a firm, durable bond using adhesives. Our PCI Barrafix® 920 two-component reaction adhesive is ideal for structural bonds between concrete and metals. This is a methacrylate-based product which is used as an anchoring mortar. If anchor plates, bolts or stud bolts need to be embedded in concrete and masonry, additional anchoring using a product of this type is recommended.

Alternatively, friction locked bonds with concrete components such as slabs, pipes or plates may be established using the epoxy resin adhesive PCI Barrafix® EP. The decisive factor in obtaining an optimum bond is selecting the right mixing ratio. When installing anchor bolts, tie bars, machine anchorages or railing posts, it is important to remember that both the components and the adhesive can only be removed by mechanical means when the adhesive has cured.

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High-quality performance grouts and quick-setting mortars from PCI

The quick-setting mortar PCI Polyfix® 30 Sek., which cures within a few seconds, effectively preventing water irruptions or leaks, is essential when working on underground or sewage system projects. Other PCI installation mortars can also be used for sealing pipe entry points.

Our quick-setting cement mortar PCI Polyfix® plus L is ideal for underground projects. It can be used for comprehensive reprofiling work and for setting, installing or raising manhole covers or complete manholes. In road construction, this product is mainly used for constructing kerbs, berms and channels. The fast-setting cement mortar sets extremely quickly after only three minutes and can be driven on after only two hours.

If you would like to find out more about our product systems , please contact your local PCI specialist adviser. Using our dealer search function, you can find your nearest dealer, who will be pleased to provide friendly, competent advice on the use of our range.

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