Paving grouts to protect your natural stone paving

Natural and artificial stone paving is a popular option with property owners for terraces, driveways and paths. Owners find that paving makes a property look more attractive and harmonious. Natural stone paving features an attractive appearance, diversity, high compressive strength and resilience and is especially well-suited for outdoor areas exposed to high stress. The deep, wide joints between natural stones are the main disadvantage. Over the years, these are exposed to severe stress, which is why they need to be grouted properly.

Our first-class systems such as the System for Multi-Use Paving, include high-quality, innovative paving grouts as well as adhesives and bedding mortars which are especially environmentally compatible as they allow rainwater to soak away. In addition, the growth of algae in the joint area is prevented, ensuring that the paving remains attractive in the long term.

PCI Color Pack

Dye concentrate for mineral mortars

PCI Pavifix® 1K Extra

Pavement joint grout for natural stone and engineered stone

PCI Pavifix® CEM

Cement joint grout for natural stone pavers

PCI Pavifix® CEM ROC

Cement grout for pavements and walls from natural stone

PCI Pavifix® CEM Rapid

Cementitious pavement joint grout for natural stone slabs and pavers

PCI Pavifix® FFM

Ready-mixed filling mortar / fixing mortar for fast filling and bedding

PCI Pavifix® PU

PUR joint grout for natural stone pavers and concrete pavers

PCI Pavifix® V

Pretreatment for natural stone pavers for protecting surfaces during grouting

Special paving grouts for special floor coverings

In addition to natural stones, polygonal slabs are also becoming increasingly popular on terraces and garden paths. To protect these coverings against wind, weather and intensive cleaning processes, PCI has developed a water-impermeable paving grout. PCI Pavifix® CEM Rapid is especially well-suited for polygonal slabs but also for other types of paving, is particularly easy to clean and can be walked on only about two hours after laying. This joint grout ensures fast and effective laying of terrace paving.

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Have your driveway paved professionally using paving grouts from PCI

Are you a property owner and would you like to have your own driveway paved professionally? Just opt for paving grouts from PCI Augsburg GmbH. We are a professional manufacturer of construction chemicals products and see the proper, professional implementation of construction projects as one of our top priorities. Using our product portfolio and with our competent specialist advice, you can implement your next construction project professionally. Our products are continuously optimized, developed and harmonized with each other on the basis of comprehensive feedback from our customers.

We are thoroughly conversant with the requirements for professional construction work and use this know-how effectively for the development of our product portfolio. If you have any questions or need specialist advice, just contact your local PCI specialist adviser. We will be pleased to help you implement your next construction project successfully.

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