Low-emission insulation and impact sound isolation products

When renovating old flats and houses, easy-to-use construction materials and short installation times are essential – especially for work on walls and floors. PCI has developed special low-emission insulation and isolation products that meet these requirements.

The PCI Polysilent range includes various impact sound isolation and insulation boards for use under natural stone and ceramic coverings. Thanks to their low heights between 4 mm and 10 mm, these boards can be used in a variety of different applications and offer optimum improvements in impact sound properties. A reduction of 10 dB in the impact sound level means that the sound perceived by the human ear is halved. The very-low-emission PCI Polysilent isolation boards can also be used for stress distribution, even without a separating layer.

PCI Pecilastic®

Isolating fabric underlay for ceramic and natural stone tiles

PCI Pecitape® Silent

Self-adhesive insulation tape for preventing sound transmission

PCI Pecitape® WS

Self-adhesive waterproofing tape for waterproof corner joints and perimeter joints

PCI Polysilent® 4

Impact sound insulation board / isolation board underlay for ceramic and natural stones

PCI Polysilent® 7

Impact sound insulation board / isolation board underlay for ceramic and natural stones

PCI Polysilent® Plus

Impact sound insulation board / isolation board underlay for ceramic and natural stones

Isolating membranes for walls and floors – low-emission construction materials from PCI

On indoor and outdoor walls and floors, isolating membranes such as PCI Pecilastic® can be used in a variety of applications under bonded waterproofing products such as PCI Seccoral® 1K for the laying of ceramic and natural stone coverings which are isolated from the substrate. Thanks to their low thickness of only 0.6 mm, these low-emission isolating products are outstandingly well-suited for renovation projects.

The simple-to-use membrane is easy to cut and lay in an individual configuration. As a stress-relieving underlay, PCI Pecilastic can be used on any firm or composite substrate. This isolating membrane is even suitable for cracked substrates and ensures that the rooms which are being renovated can be rapidly returned to use.

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Avoiding sound transmission with low-emission isolating products

In addition to membranes and boards, the comprehensive PCI range includes other low-emission isolating products such as PCI Pecitape® Silent. This self-adhesive insulation tape is used to prevent sound transmission and was developed especially for renovation work. The product consists of non-rotting polyethylene foam with a self-adhesive coating. Thanks to strong adhesion to clean substrates, the use of insulating strips effectively prevents noise transmission at the edges of a floor covering.

The edge installation strip has the function of a “placeholder”, preventing tile adhesives and leveling compounds from entering the edge joint. In indoor applications with untreated concrete floors, screeds on insulating layers, floating screeds and other stable substrates, this low-emission insulating product also prevents three-edge adhesion in the case of elastic edge joints.

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