Low-emission joint grouts for low emissions during and after processing

Tiled floor coverings are extremely popular in homes and commercial facilities. However, sturdy, water-repellent tiles need more than a little tile adhesive for installation. Proper tile laying calls for precision and the right materials to prevent damage to the building fabric at the same time as creating a pleasant, safe interior atmosphere.

High-quality joint grouts are especially important for a tiled covering as the joints later play a key role in determining hygiene properties, the durability of the tiling and the protection of the building fabric. At PCI, we are tiling professionals and have more than 70 years of experience in the construction sector. Our low-emission joint grouts have set new quality standards as the low emission levels of our designated joint grouts offer the highest possible levels of safety and hygiene for your customers and your employees.

PCI Carrafug®

Special joint grout for natural stone slabs

PCI Durafug® NT

Cementitious joint grout for commercially used areas, swimming pools and potable water reservoirs

PCI FT® Fugenbreit

Joint grout for split tiles, large-size vitrified tiles and non-vitrified tiles

PCI FT® Fugengrau

Joint grout for non-vitrified tiles and vitrified tiles

PCI FT® Fugenweiß

Joint grout for non-vitrified tiles and vitrified tiles

PCI FT® Megafug

Cementitious joint grout for fully vitrified tiles

PCI Nanofug®

Multi-use flexible joint grout especially for vitrified tiles and non-vitrified tiles

PCI Nanofug® Premium

Multi-use flexible joint grout for all tiles and natural stones

Low-emission joint grouts in the Multi-Use Tiling System

The low-emission use of construction materials is becoming increasingly important in the building trade. At PCI, we are well aware of our responsibility to owners, workers and the environment. We have therefore developed not only low-emission formulations but also low-emission systems. The Multi-Use Tiling System ensures high quality standards in terms of a healthy living environment and also includes low-emission joint grouts. The system, which is unique in environmental, functional and design terms, also features low-emission

  • primers,
  • waterproofing products,
  • adhesives,
  • sealants, and
  • leveling compounds for walls and floors.

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How to find the perfect low-emission joint grout

Do you want to use a low-emission joint grout for your tiling? Then you should explore our low-emission product range such as our low-emission joint grouts that prevent harmful fumes during and after application. Our low-emission products and systems are identified by the “low emission” icon and the EMICODE EC1 classification. If you have any further questions or need advice, you can contact your local PCI specialist adviser at any time. You can use our convenient PCI adviser search function to locate your local adviser.

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