The PCI Gisogrund range: Low-emission primers for walls and floors

Primers are essential for any construction project and may perform a variety of different functions. Whether you need a primer to reduce the absorbency of a substrate or to improve adhesion, you can implement a variety of construction projects with a low-emission primer from the PCI range.

For example, the special primers in the PCI Epoxigrund series are especially well-suited for consolidating absorbent and non-absorbent substrates and ensure firm adhesion of the tiled covering. The solvent-free products provide a tight seal for pores, preventing the emergence of air bubbles and acting as a moisture barrier. With PCI Epoxigrund Rapid, you can also benefit from a low-emission primer that features especially fast curing and can be used as a leveling compound in combination with silica sand.

PCI Epoxigrund 390

Special primer on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Epoxigrund Rapid

Special primer on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Gisogrund®

Wash primer / protective primer for walls and floors

PCI Gisogrund® 303

Wash primer for smooth, non-absorbent substrates

PCI Gisogrund® 404

Wash primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Gisogrund® Rapid

Fast-acting primer for cementitious and gypsum-based substrates

PCI Wadian®

Primer for particle boards

The PCI Gisogrund series – low-emission protective and adhesion-enhancing primers

The PCI Gisogrund series provides very low-emission, solvent-free primers for your construction sites. The low-emission primers ensure lower odor levels and healthier conditions for construction workers and help protect the environment.

PCI Gisogrund primers make substrates stronger and firmer and ensure improved adhesion of wallpaper, plaster and titles. These products prevent bubble formation and can be used on walls and floors in all indoor and outdoor applications. PCI Gisogrund® 303 is no longer tacky after about 30 to 45 minutes and work can therefore continue soon after application. This product is ready for use, water-resistant and can also be used for the low-emission priming of non-absorbent substrates.

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PCI Wadian: protecting particle board with a low-emission primer

PCI Wadian® is a special primer for particle board with a solvent-free formulation that prevents odor and avoids fire and explosion risks. The ready-to-use liquid primer prevents moisture absorption by the substrate, which would lead to warping, as a result of its high μ value. As soon as the primer has dried, the PCI tile adhesive can be applied and the floor can be covered with tiles or slabs.

If you have any questions concerning low-emission primers or would like to learn more about the PCI range of construction products, just contact our trained personnel or ask your local PCI adviser.

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