From professionals for professionals – screed laying with PCI products

A screed is essential if laminated flooring, parquetry or tiles are to be laid. Builders are well aware that a high-quality, sturdy screed is necessary for pressure distribution and for constructing a level floor. But what properties should a high-quality screed have? According to DIN 18365, a screed must be

  • clean,
  • firm,
  • level,
  • free from cracks,
  • absorbent,
  • resistant to shear stress, and
  • free from any loose layers and materials that could impair adhesion.

In addition, the choice of the right materials and screed design are key factors in successful screed laying. Do you need assistance with the installation of your screed? If so, you can contact our competent specialists at any time. Just call our technical hotline or use our customer chat. You are also welcome to contact your local PCI adviser to obtain advice on professional, innovative floor laying.

PCI Apogrund® W

Epoxy impregnation for concrete floors and cement screeds

PCI Apokor® W

Epoxy sealer for concrete floors, asphalt screeds and cement screeds

PCI Apoten®

Epoxy coating for industrial floors subject to chemicals and heavy mechanical use

PCI Apoten® PU

PUR coating for industrial floors subject to mechanical and chemical loads

PCI Bauharz

Epoxy binder for industrial screeds

PCI Dichtungsmittel flüssig

Mortar additive fluid for cement screeds, renders, masonry mortars and joint grouts

PCI Epoxigrund 390

Special primer on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Epoxigrund Rapid

Special primer on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Finopur®

2K PUR sealing matt top coat on synthetic resin coatings

PCI Gisogrund® 404

Wash primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

PCI Novoment® Flow

Ready-mixed flowable screed for self-leveling cement screeds

PCI Novoment® Light

Ready-mixed, light screed mortar for cement screeds with low dead weight

PCI Novoment® M1 plus

Ready-mixed, fast-setting screed mortar for fast-curing cement screeds

PCI Novoment® M3 plus

Ready-mixed, fast-setting screed mortar for fast track cement screeds

PCI Novoment® Z1

Fast-setting screed cement for fast track screeds

PCI Novoment® Z3

Fast-setting screed cement for fast track screeds


1K PUR coating for concrete floors and cementitious screeds

PCI Pecitape® Silent

Self-adhesive insulation tape for preventing sound transmission

PCI Periplan® Multi

Cementitious floor leveler for residential, commercial and industrial buildings

PCI Polyfix® plus Fluid

Quick setting cement mortar for quick repairs in above and below ground situations

PCI Pursol® 1K

1K PUR coating for concrete floors and cement screeds

PCI Quarzsand DM 1-4

Silica sand for epoxy resin drainage mortar on balconies and terraces

PCI Repaflow®

Cementitious performance grout with good flow properties, low shrinkage

PCI Repaflow® EP plus

3K, epoxy performance grout heavy duty, for dynamic loads

PCI Repaflow® Turbo

Fast-setting performance grout for manhole covers, metal railings and prefabricated concrete elements

PCI Repaflow® USM

Non-sag non-shrink mortar for bedding foundations and machines

PCI Repaflow® Uni

Cement-based grouting and anchoring mortar single component with compensated shrinkage

PCI Repaflow® plus

Cementitious performance concrete single component and shrink compensated

PCI Repahaft®

Mortar bonding slurry for bonded screeds and cement mortars

PCI Repahaft® EP

Bonding slurry and corrosion protector Two-component epoxy coating

PCI Repament®

Repair mortar for concrete substrates and cement screeds

PCI Repament® Fein

Screed mortar for sloped surfaces and screed surfaces

PCI Repament® Multi

Multi-use, fast-setting mortar for repairs in industrial and residential buildings

PCI Repatop® 800

Dry-shake surface hardener for monolithic concrete floors

PCI Stellmittel

Floating agent to achieve a non-sag consistency of PCI coatings

PCI Supracolor

Polyurethane sealing for cement-based floors and synthetic resin floors

PCI Zemtec® 140

Cement based floor leveller for residential, commercial and industrial buildings

PCI Zemtec® 180

Flowable screed, ready mixed for directly usable cement screeds

PCI Zemtec® 1K

Cement based floor leveler for residential and commercial buildings

PCI Zemtec® Outdoor

Cement-based coating for residential and commercial buildings

PCI Zemtec® Protect

Aqueous silicate impregnation, 2 components for mineral floors

PCI Zemtec® Top

Aqueous PU sealing, 2 components for PCI Zemtec floors

Quick and easy screed laying with PCI Novoment products

Screeds lay the foundation for a durable floor, which is why you should opt for products of the highest quality in order to prevent subsequent damage to the building fabric. We recommend you to use PCI Novoment products, which allow you to create a homogeneous, sealed surface. As a result of the fast-setting properties of these products, you can already use newly laid screed after a few hours and lay the next layer on the screed the following day.

Instead of installing a new screed, you may wish to repair damage such as cracks or cavities in an existing screed. If so, our two-component injection resin PCI Apogel and the PCI injectors are the right projects to use. Innovative formulations and high-quality processing help you to seal your screed reliably and durably as well as effectively closing any cracks. This way, you can prevent further damage to the building fabric and to your floor covering.

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From professionals for professionals – screed laying with PCI products

At PCI Augsburg GmbH, we have more than 70 years of experience with the construction sector and cooperate closely with construction contractors and companies. As a result of this expertise and continuous feedback from customers, we know what is important for successful flooring work. In line with practical requirements, we develop innovative products that leave nothing to be desired in terms of application technology. With high-quality products from PCI, you can complete your construction projects reliably and rapidly with products which are convenient to use.

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