Wear-resistant fairing coats and leveling compounds for concrete and screeds

Fast-curing, strong and ready-to-use – fairing coats and leveling compounds from PCI. You can use cement mortars from our range to level out concrete surfaces and screeds or to prepare a floor for a new covering. With PCI Repament®, you can repair faulty substrates for indoor and outdoor projects. If you need a levelling compound for industrial, commercial or domestic applications, we recommend our PCI Zemtec® series. The fast-curing pourable screed PCI Zemtec® 180 can be directly used as a bonded screed.

Thanks to its formulation, this product is weatherproof and resistant to wind, weather and de-icing salt, and is outstandingly well suited for outdoor applications. On the other hand, if you are working mainly in a dry environment, PCI Zemtec® 1K is more suitable. This is a very low-emission product that can be used directly in basements, workshops and warehouses and for areas driven on by vehicles with solid or pneumatic tires.

PCI Periplan® Multi

Cementitious floor leveler for residential, commercial and industrial buildings

PCI Repament®

Repair mortar for concrete substrates and cement screeds

PCI Zemtec® 140

Cement based floor leveller for residential, commercial and industrial buildings

PCI Zemtec® 180

Flowable screed, ready mixed for directly usable cement screeds

PCI Zemtec® 1K

Cement based floor leveler for residential and commercial buildings

PCI Zemtec® Outdoor

Cement-based coating for residential and commercial buildings

Fairing coats and leveling compounds from the market leader PCI

Do you need a fiber-reinforced concrete fairing coat to make your substrate more resilient and to create a level surface? If so, the PCI Periplan® family is the solution of choice. These pumpable, flowable leveling compounds cure without stress and can be used directly both indoors and outdoors – under coverings.

PCI Periplan® Multi is a good choice for the repair of larger areas of rough and irregular concrete floors, various types of screed and ceramic coverings. Alternatively, colored chips can be simply scattered on the fairing coat.

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Professional advice from your local distributor - PCI experts will be pleased to help

You can obtain information on a wide range of PCI products either from our website or from your local dealer. We will also be pleased to provide advice on technical questions and applications with respect to fairing coats and floor leveling compounds and other construction chemicals products. You can use convenient services such as our consumption calculator and our dealer search funtion to obtain professional support for the implementation of your construction project. We look forward to your enquiry because PCI is the partner of building professionals.

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