Flexible additives in the PCI tile accessories

Physical measurement and work rooms, computer centers, operating theaters and filling rooms for solvents or dust-generating products - they all require special, conductive floor coverings. PCI Elektroleit is used to produce an electrically conductive tile covering. This additive for PCI Flexmörtel S1 Flott and PCI Flexfug enables electrostatic charges to be discharged from indoor floors.

The conductive product from PCI is solvent-free to protect processors and the environment. In addition, there is no risk of fire or explosion even in endangered environments, since the mortar modified with PCI Elektroleit meets the requirements of the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances TRGS 727. Easy to work with - the tile accessory product is simply added to the mixing liquid for the laying or joint mortar.

PCI Elektroleit

Conductive additive for conductive ceramic tiles and flagstones

PCI Kupferband

Self-adhesive copper tape for conductive systems

PCI Lastoflex®

Polymer modified additive for mixing with PCI thin-bed and medium-bed mortars

PCI copper tape: self-adhesive and conductive

PCI copper tape is recommended as a tile accessory and basis for conductive floor coverings. It is self-adhesive, is applied under the floor covering and the individual strips are connected to one another at the top. This system enables the connection to the ground, the so-called equipotential bonding. Thanks to the tear-resistant structure, an interruption in conductivity is impossible when used as intended. The self-adhesive PCI copper tape is suitable for both indoor floors and walls and is part of our range of tile accessories.

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Flexible additives in the PCI tile accessories

At PCI you will not only find suitable tile accessories to support conductivity, but also to make thin and medium-bed mortars more flexible, such as PCI FT® Klebermörtel and PCI FT® Ment. Mix your selected mortar with PCI Lastoflex® to relieve substrate stresses and compensate for stresses caused by temperature fluctuations. For optimal laying of glass mosaic and glass tiles, PCI Lastoflex® in combination with PCI Nanolight® White or PCI Carralight is recommended.

The tile additive improves adhesion on both absorbent and non-absorbent mineral substrates. Thanks to the waterproof, frost-resistant and weather-resistant texture, the product can be used universally for floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors. In this way you can make heated screeds, balcony and terrace coverings, prefabricated concrete parts, facades and swimming pool coverings more flexible.

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