Joint grout – a key element in tile laying

Together with parquetry and laminates, tiles are among the most popular floor coverings. This is hardly surprising as tiles are resilient, resist staining, are extremely strong and help improve the living environment. However, tile laying calls for extremely precise working and high-quality materials. The application of tile adhesive and the actual laying of the tiles are not the only key elements in a tiling project. In addition to the careful preparation of the substrate, first-class grouting is essential. For excellent grouting, you need an outstanding joint grout which is a key factor in the durability and appearance of a tiled surface. The best joint grout to use depends on

  • the type of tiles,
  • the individual application,
  • the width of the joints, and
  • the service conditions for the tiling

Just contact your personal PCI specialist adviser to find the best joint grout to meet your requirements.

PCI Carrafug®

Special joint grout for natural stone slabs

PCI Durafug® NT

Cementitious joint grout for commercially used areas, swimming pools and potable water reservoirs

PCI Durapox® EL

Reaction resin grout for conductive ceramic tiles subject to chemicals

PCI Durapox® NT

Reaction resin binder for laying and grouting ceramic coverings exposed to chemicals

PCI Durapox® NT plus

Reaction resin mortar for laying and grouting of ceramic coverings exposed to chemicals

PCI Durapox® Premium

Epoxy resin mortar for laying and grouting ceramic coverings

PCI Durapox® Premium Harmony

Epoxy resin mortar for grouting and laying glass mosaic

PCI Durapox® Premium Multicolor

Epoxy resin mortar for laying and grouting ceramic coverings

PCI FT® Fugenbreit

Joint grout for split tiles, large-size vitrified tiles and non-vitrified tiles

PCI FT® Fugengrau

Joint grout for non-vitrified tiles and vitrified tiles

PCI FT® Fugenweiß

Joint grout for non-vitrified tiles and vitrified tiles

PCI FT® Megafug

Cementitious joint grout for fully vitrified tiles

PCI Flexfug®

Polymer modified joint grout for all ceramic coverings

PCI Nanofug®

Multi-use flexible joint grout especially for vitrified tiles and non-vitrified tiles

PCI Nanofug® Premium

Multi-use flexible joint grout for all tiles and natural stones

PCI Premium Glitter

Coloured glitter to mix in with PCI joint grout

A premium joint grout with outstanding convenience for users

At PCI Augsburg GmbH, we are building professionals and are committed to offering you the best possible solutions for your construction projects. Our premium joint grout PCI Nanofug® Premium is a top grade product that provides optimum protection against dirt, mould, bacteria, acidic cleaning products and moisture. The intelligent properties of this grout offer genuine added value and are thoroughly convincing for consumers and professional builders.

Thanks to the “Easytoclean” effect, cleaning a tiled surface becomes child’s play and tiling is effectively protected against mould and microorganisms. This outstanding joint grout is available in 23 different colours, which means that you can adapt the joints to the individual conditions in your room –for outstanding, high-quality tiling.

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Joint grouts in an innovative construction system

A high-quality joint grout is essential for proper tiling. The right tile adhesive and an appropriate tile primer are equally important. These and other materials must be precisely harmonized with each other to guarantee high-quality workmanship and durability. At PCI, we have developed unique construction systems to ensure smooth and trouble-free completion of your construction projects with constant high quality levels.

For your tiling projects, you can rely on our “Multi-Use Tiling System” which represents a smart, clearly organized approach offering reliable product proposals and alternatives as well as outstanding convenience for users. Our consumption calculator and construction drawings ensure even greater convenience. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent customer service at any time.

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