Leveling compounds: PCI products for work on walls and floors

Cracks in walls and floors frequently occur and may result in severe structural problems in the long term. To prevent severe damage, it is best to react when the first signs of cracks appear in walls or floors. Leveling compounds are ideal for sealing narrow and wide cracks. The various products in the PCI Periplan® and PCI Pericret® families are suitable for work on concrete, cement screed, wood and ceramic flooring.

Thanks to the many variants available, we can offer the appropriate leveling compound for any repair or refurbishment project. The flowing properties of the compound are a key factor in ensuring that the product can be applied in a thin, even layer. We already give top priority to flow properties in production.

PCI Muroplan®

Gypsum-based fairing coat for walls and overhead application

PCI Nanocret® R2

Light repair mortar multi-use, for building and civil engineering

PCI Pericret®

Leveling compound for floors, walls and overhead application

PCI Periplan®

Floor leveler under top coverings

PCI Periplan® Extra

Leveling compound for critical substrates under top coverings

PCI Periplan® Flow

Leveling compound for use under top coverings

PCI Periplan® Multi

Cementitious floor leveler for residential, commercial and industrial buildings

PCI Periplan® fein

Leveling compound for use under top coverings

Leveling compounds for tiles: preparing and leveling the substrate

Special care must be taken in the preparation of the substrate. Even when tiles are to be laid on an old screed, it is still normally necessary to use a leveling compound. The product eliminates irregularities in the old covering and can also compensate for level differences within the room. 

PCI products have been designed to ensure optimum flowing and adhesion properties and to allow rapid processing if the user complies with the required mortar/water mixing ratio. Ideally, large quantities should be prepared using a paddle mixer to ensure that the individual components are thoroughly blended. However, you should only make up as much leveling compound as you can use within the next 30 minutes. If several layers of leveling compound are to be applied, it is recommended to start work on the next layer as soon as the previous layer can be walked on. 

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Effective elimination of irregularities with special leveling compounds

Our leveling compounds also include self-leveling products such as PCI Periplan® fein or PCI Periplan® Multi. The advantage is that it is not necessary to level these compounds after they have been applied. Critical substrates such as chipboards or wooden boards call for special fiber-reinforced leveling compounds– such as PCI Periplan® Extra. When this layer has been applied, the new tiling can be laid without any irregularities.

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