Wall primers in an effective system for the waterproofing of basement walls

For many builders and building owners, effective protection of the fabric of the building is a top priority. Both in internal and external applications, substrate preparation with a special primer is essential. The priming of the external wall is especially useful for the protection of the building against moisture penetration. Basement walls are vulnerable to

  • standing seepage water
  • soil moisture and
  • groundwater

Discover our smart basement solutions which include everything you need for the effective waterproofing of your basement wall, with render waterproofing, waterproofing membrane, mortar, insulating boards und wall primer.


»All-weather« primer Water-dilutable bitumen-rubber emulsion for preparing substrates before installing self-adhesive cold-bonding membranes, strips and tapes as a PCI BT 21 system


Special primer Solvent-based special primer for cold-applied membranes and strips as a PCI BT 21 system, especially at low temperatures and on damp substrates

PCI Pecimor® F

Bitumen primer for external basement walls and foundations

PCI Pecimor®-Betongrund

Special primer for external concrete basement walls

Wall priming for a firm and reliable covering

Just like floors, the appearance of walls can be improved using tiles or natural stone materials. As with a tiled floor covering, the wall needs to be carefully inspected and prepared before the elegant tiles are installed using a special tile adhesive. A key step in preparation is the application of a high-quality primer. The primer not only regulates the absorbency of the substrate but also serves as a bonding agent and a protective coating as well as improving the strength of the substrate.

Discover our wide range of high-performance primers for walls and floors and calculate the ideal quantity for your requirements using our convenient consumption calculator. If you have any further questions or need any tips, just contact our experts. You can also obtain further information on the main points to be taken into consideration and the methods to be used for installing tiles and natural stone materials on walls and floors.

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Wall primers from PCI - for secure and durable wall coverings

If you want to produce a top-quality covering that will last a lifetime, you have found the ideal partner in PCI Augsburg GmbH. For more than 70 years, we have been developing innovative solutions to make building as convenient and reliable as possible. Our high-quality wall primers for indoor and outdoor applications provide the ideal protection against the hazards posed by water for your walls.
Together with other features, our primers for outdoor applications are free from solvents and ready to use as well as being temperature-resistant and withstanding attack by water with a detrimental impact on concrete. Using our convenient consumption calculator, you can calculate the ideal quantity of primer for your needs depending on the type of primer you intend to use. This ensures that you will be sensitive to primer consumption and work in a way that conserves resources.

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