Waterproofing slurries and thick coatings protect the fabric of buildings

Protecting the fabric of buildings against damage is a top priority for all building owners. High-quality waterproofing products such as waterproofing slurries and waterproofing membranes are mainly intended to protect building elements against water damage and to safeguard the use of rooms as well as ensuring a pleasant living climate. At PCI, we are well aware of the importance of high-quality waterproofing and have included waterproofing slurries in our wide product range.

Our construction chemicals products are ideally tailored to meet the requirements for basement, foundation, drinking water and wastewater projects and protect structures both against ground moisture and groundwater and against standing percolating water. Among other properties, our waterproofing slurries and thick coatings are

  • solvent-free
  • ready for use
  • waterproof
  • crack-bridging
  • aging-resistant and
  • ensure firm adhesion

Discover the versatility of our comprehensive range and select the materials required for your next construction project. Thanks to our convenient consumption calculator, you can calculate the quantities required for your specific requirements quickly and easily. This way, you can use precious construction materials more efficiently.

PCI Barrapren

Thick bitumen coating for external basement walls and foundations

PCI Barraseal®

Mineral waterproofing slurry for basements, drinking water and wastewater areas

PCI Barraseal® Turbo

Flexible two-component reactive waterproofing membrane for external basement walls, foundations and concrete elements

PCI Pecimor® 1K

Bitumen thick coating for external basement walls and foundations

PCI Pecimor® 2K

Bitumen thick coating for external basement walls and foundations

PCI Visconal®

Protective coating for waterproofing storage rooms for fuel oil

Systematic waterproofing of walls, floors and ceilings using waterproofing slurries

The waterproofing of building foundations and the walls, floors and ceilings of basement rooms is a process that requires considerable care and should only be carried out with extreme precision using the best materials available. At PCI, we have developed smart waterproofing solutions with clear instructions and illustrations as well as top-class product recommendations, including repair mortar, waterproofing slurry, thick coating and primer. These systems make every step in the work process easier.

Our innovative basement waterproofing systems for indoor and outdoor use set the highest possible standards in terms of processing convenience and professionalism. You can obtain information now from our specialist brochures on construction systems and basement waterproofing systems and learn more about our system components and the various steps involved. If you have any questions or need any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us online at any time.

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Waterproofing slurries from PCI - innovative, secure and reliable

PCI Augsburg GmbH has been active in the building sector for more than 70 years and is now one of the leading manufacturers of construction chemicals. Our product development work always takes into consideration the concerns and wishes of professional builders in order to ensure that we meet all their requirements for secure, innovative and reliable processing. Our waterproofing slurries and thick coatings are not only designed for a variety of applications but also to prevent a wide range of damage such as water penetration, cracks or aging.

With these products, groundwater, standing or flooding water, ground moisture or percolating water have no chance and mould formation, building damage and living conditions that are hazardous to health are effectively prevented.

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