Disposal system for emptied transport and sales packaging of PCI products in Switzerland

Since Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, the EU regulations on packaging are not binding for Switzerland. Nevertheless, in the interests of an unhindered exchange of goods with other countries, the Swiss authorities endeavor to harmonize national regulations with EU regulations. There is no general packaging ordinance in Switzerland.

In order to assess specific packaging solutions, Switzerland first drew up and published life cycle assessments of packaging materials in 1984. Since then, this tool has been updated for retailers and manufacturers in several steps. Thanks to this early-started awareness-raising, PCI Bauprodukte AG now generally uses optimized packaging for its products: they are light and are designed for recycling or at least for problem-free disposal with municipal waste.

The avoidance, recycling and disposal of this waste works very well in Switzerland. Mention should be made of the separate collections set up everywhere for paper and cardboard, glass, PET bottles, sheet steel cans, and aluminum cans. These are partly operated by the municipalities and partly by private organizations.

Residual emptying is a necessary prerequisite for the sensible recycling of packaging waste. Packaging that is not completely emptied or contaminated makes recycling much more difficult or even impossible.

Therefore: Please make sure that your packaging is clean and completely emptied.

What does emptying mean?

The term "residue emptying" is defined as follows:
Correct emptying (i.e. brush-clean, spatula-clean, drip-free, trickle-free) except for inevitable residues of filling goods.

The remaining packaging waste is disposed of with municipal waste in waste incineration plants with energy recovery (e.g. plastic films, beverage cartons, composites). The cantons are responsible (cf. EPA Art. 31b).

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