Design at the top – PCI underneath


Kosta Boda glass tiles




Smäland, Sweden


Products used:

PCI Nanolight white, PCI Lastoflex, Durapox NT plus, PCI FT Megafug


glassworks Kosta Boda, located in the Swedish province of Småland

Sweden has a long-standing gaffer tradition but it is mostly known to insiders. So the world-wide renowned glassworks Kosta Boda, located in the Swedish province of Småland, has been manufacturing its fine glassware since 1742.
A few months ago, the idea was born to manufacture designer tiles made of glass.


This idea was initiated when setting up the equipment of the Kosta Boda Art Hotel inaugurated in the summer of 2009. This luxury accommodation has been designed by the famous designers of the glass factory. The idea behind: To create a permanent exhibition area with this hotel so that Kosta Boda products can be presented in an extraordinary ambience. A cobalt blue, vitreous bar dominates the atmosphere here as well as glassy wash basins. When equipping the single bathrooms, the idea of producing designer tiles made of glass came up first. The public liked the exclusive designer objects so much that, within a very short period of time, the first series were put up for sale. But before this story of success could start off, it was important to find a tile adhesive which made the glass shine with its different colours. And, at the same time, it had to be an adhesive with reliable and permanent adhesion properties. In search of a competent partner, Kosta Boda finally found PCI. The PCI specialist department agreed straight away to run test series with different tile adhesives in order to find the ideal product combination, which they did successfully. Together with Kosta Boda they finally found a convincing solution. Since then, Kosta Boda has used and recommended for their extraordinary tiles PCI Nanolight® white with PCI Lastoflex® as flexibilising additive or the reaction resin mortar PCI Durapox® NT plus. Whereas, when it comes to grouting, PCI FT® Megafug is the product of choice.