PCI boards are versatile and easy-to-use, offering a wide variety of benefits for the renovation of interiors and wet rooms. Whether you want to fully refurbish a bathroom, level out height differences between walls and floors or provide surrounds for staircases or plinths, our PCI PowerBoard products offer considerable benefits.

Thanks to their low specific weight, each of our foam supporting elements can be cut efficiently using conventional tools such as utility knives or manual or electric saws. They can also be used without any problems on critical substrates such as tiles, wooden boards, masonry or concrete. You can combine boards of various thicknesses with prefabricated corner elements from our range in order to clad pipes and cables or complete special corner structures.

Secure installation of environmentally compatible foam supporting elements

Boards from the PCI PowerBoard series consist of a polystyrene foam core and correspond to construction material class B1. They are coated on both sides with special mortar and glass fiber fabric and can be tiled or plastered over immediately after installation. PCI supporting elements therefore make a key contribution to easier, faster work on site.

Despite their light weight, the boards can also carry heavy loads and are suitable for the construction of features such as plinths, shelves or wash basin substructures. They can be fixed in place using conventional tile adhesives such as PCI Flexmörtel® S1. We also recommend that PCI PowerBoard-Metalldübel (metal dowel) and washers should be used for additional fixing.


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System solutions and boards for showers

PCI PowerBoard mixed pallets are outstandingly well-suited for the solution of level-access or barrier-free showers. The substructure elements, which can be used indoors and outdoors, are intended for public, commercial and private construction projects. Thanks to the integrated slope and the square shape with a central drain opening, the boards can be used for a variety of different installation situations. The top side of the PCI PowerBoard boards has a waterproof coating which means that it is unnecessary to use waterproofing over the entire surface. In addition, the good thermal insulation prevents excessive cooling of the tiled covering – a clear advantage compared with conventional cementitious screeds. If you have any questions concerning the use of these boards, just obtain advice from your local dealer.