Following the laying and grouting of tiles, thorough cleaning of the floor surface is essential in order to ensure the perfect results needed to satisfy customers. For example dirty joints can be cleaned using PCI Elofix. This convenient grinding block is a universal cleaning tool for craftsman and DIY enthusiasts who want to remove contaminations from ceramic coverings. For thinning synthetic resin coatings or cleaning brushes and tools, PCI Univerdünner is ideally well-suited. Just test our products on your site.

PCI Univerdünner

PCI Univerdünner

Diluent and cleaning agent for synthetic resin lacquers, paint brushes and tools

PCI Entöler oil stain remover and special stain remover for epoxy resin spots

Spots caused by oil or bituminous coatings are often difficult to remove. PCI Entöler is a special cleaner that removes oil, bitumen and wax spots without any residue. The product is ready for use, does not need to be mixed and is easy to process. Using this tile cleaner, which has a pasty consistency, fresh and old oil spots can be effectively removed. The special consistency of the product binds the oil, allowing it to be easily disposed of.

Epoxy resin stains on ceramic surfaces are equally unattractive. These can be removed using the ready-to-use special stain remover PCI Spezial-Reiniger Epoxi. The cleaning agent, which can be diluted in water, is simply added to the wash water and applied using a brush, squeegee or spatula. This product is especially recommended for the removal of stains caused by PCI Durafug NT and PCI Durapox® NT plus.


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Easy to use – reliable results: tile cleaning products from PCI

Joint and tile cleaning agents from PCI are equally well-suited for wall and floor tiles in indoor and outdoor applications. They are easy to use, which means they can be used on almost any site, and ensure effective cleaning. If you would like to learn more about PCI tile and joint cleaning agents or have any questions concerning the combination of individual products, please contact our experts by email. Your local PCI adviser will also be pleased to provide detailed explanations of all our products.