If you want to lay tiles, parquetry or laminate flooring, a level substrate that is free from cracks is absolutely essential. Specialists insist that flooring cannot be laid on an irregular substrate. Especially when renovating and refurbishing old buildings, flooring and tiling contractors often face this problem. Using leveling compounds, irregularities and height differences can be easily eliminated.

This step is absolutely essential. If appropriate work is not carried out on the old floor, any problems will simply be transferred to the new flooring. Results may include unpleasant creaking and wide or uneven joints.

Repairing floors with PCI floor leveling compound

There are many reasons why flooring materials may arch or crack: premature loading, temperature differences, incompatible materials or poor workmanship. With PCI floor leveling compounds, you can permanently eliminate annoying substrate problems and lay flooring that is perfect and immaculate. Leveling compounds must be applied with an appropriate thickness to ensure a 100% moisture-resistant buffering layer. The leveling compound must be blended to ensure that there are no lumps before it is distributed on the floor. It is also recommended to use a spiked roller to aerate the fresh leveling compound and to smooth the surface. If you have any questions or are uncertain about how to proceed, just contact our expert personnel. For example, your PCI specialist adviser can provide advice on PCI’s special system for cracked and composite substrates. PCI can also provide fast, flexible solutions for substrates with large damaged areas.


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PCI floor leveling compounds - for expert craftsmanship

Do you want to level the floor in your home? Just use a leveling compound from PCI Augsburg GmbH. We are a professional manufacturer of construction chemicals products and one of the leading suppliers of tile fixing products. The PCI brand stands for innovation and reliable, first-class quality. We are continually expanding and developing our product portfolio to ensure continuous optimization on the basis of an exchange of experience with our dealers and flooring contractors.

This means that you receive high-quality products allowing expert, professional workmanship. If you have any questions or need any advice, our specialist adviser search function will allow you to find the specialist adviser responsible for your region who will then provide expert, professional answers to all your questions.