Laying tiles on very smooth water-impermeable surfaces often proves to be difficult. This is why PCI offers the products needed for any substrate. We produce bonding agents for tiles including mortar slurries and special bonding slurries. Provided that the substrate has been properly prepared, these products ensure firm adhesion, with a friction bond. The waterproof, frost-resistant bonding slurries PCI Repahaft® and PCI Polyhaft® are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls and floors. For advice on the comprehensive PCI range, contact your local dealer and find the bonding agent that fits the bill for your tiling project.

Easy to use: PCI bonding slurries for tiles

As a base layer for the application of repair mortars, fast-setting screeds or drain mortars, PCI Repahaft® allows quick and easy processing. Of course, this product is also suitable for conventional sand-cement mortars. In addition, this water bonding slurry provides the best possible base layer for fast-setting screeds using binders such as PCI Novoment® Z1 and bonded coverings in industrial or commercial applications. On the other hand, if you intend to lay tiles on smooth, impervious substrates or natural stones on water-impermeable concrete, we recommend PCI Polyhaft®. This bonding slurry is made up just using water and hardens to form a rough, granular surface. Its good wetting properties also ensure high adhesive tensile strength on water-impermeable and extremely impervious substrates.


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Special bonding slurry for neat tiling

PCI Fleximent® is a single-component creamy, pourable mortar that is easy to mix with water and can be applied to the floor using a notched or smoothing trowel. This product is used to lay a bonding course for tiles both indoors and outdoors. As it is polymer-modified, PCI Fleximent® ensures enhanced adhesion of impermeable tiles. In addition, it can be used for laying fully vitrified tiles and artificial stone slabs on cement screed with ground moisture. Bonding courses for ceramic tiling can be laid using a compactor either on a conventional mortar bed or on fresh screed.