The effective waterproofing of tiling and other types of floor and wall coverings is an essential prerequisite for the safe use of showers and wet rooms. For applications like this, PCI offers a variety of solutions that are quick and easy to use. You can choose between classical liquid-applied waterproofing for bathrooms and modern waterproofing membranes. Just ask your local PCI dealer for advice and decide individually on the basis of site conditions and your requirements concerning construction progress.

Our range includes a variety of liquid-applied waterproofing products such as PCI Lastogum® and PCI Apoflex® W – for surfaces exposed to water and chemicals – as well as waterproofing membrane systems in the PCI Pecitape® and PCI Pecilastic® product families.

It’s your choice: membranes or liquid products for bathrooms

Do you want to make rapid progress at the same time as ensuring high precision and even thickness? If so, PCI products are recommended. Thanks to their extremely strong structure, PCI waterproofing membranes can be used for all exposure classes ranging from bathrooms and tiling to swimming pools. Rapid installation without long drying times means that work can continue within a very short space of time after waterproofing has been applied. However, joints and details require extreme care and call for considerable experience in the use of waterproofing membranes.

Alternatively, both large surfaces and individual details under tiles can be waterproofed effectively using a liquid-applied product such as PCI Lastogum®. Easy handling means that these products can be used economically even for renovation work. However, strict compliance with the specified drying times is essential and liquid waterproofing must be applied in several layers.


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Effective waterproofing in bathrooms thanks to PCI construction materials

If you have a project where rapid progress is just as essential as precise workmanship, you should opt for a combination of liquid-applied products for the bathroom and waterproofing membranes. This means that you can cover large areas very rapidly at the same time as benefiting from easy and precise application. For interior applications, PCI Lastogum® is also available in a waterproofing kit complete with liquid waterproofing product, waterproofing tapes, sleeves, application tools and instructions. If you have any questions, just contact our customer Service online or obtain advice from your local PCI dealer.