Tiles are among the most practical and highest-quality flooring materials. Tiles are sturdy, attractive and easy to maintain and are equally well-suited to bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and basements. If you want to lay tiles perfectly without any problems, it is essential to select the right tile adhesive based on cement (cementitious thin-bed adhesives) or synthetic resins (dispersion-based adhesives, reaction-resin adhesives). If you are unsure as to which tile adhesive would be best for your needs, just contact us. At PCI, we are masters of our trade and are pleased to provide advice on construction products.

Laying tiles professionally with PCI’s multi-use tiling system

Do you want to beautify your home with high-quality tiling and are you looking for the right tile adhesive? At PCI, we not only offer the ideal product for your construction project but have also developed complex, success-oriented solutions in our modern and innovative systems. If you opt for our multi-use tiling system for your tiling, you can receive competent specialist advice, be sure that we have selected products that are compatible with each other and benefit from a system that is 100% reliable. Our universal tiling system, developed by experts, is also:

  • quality-tested,
  • safe and hygienic,
  • features low emissions and
  • is clearly presented in graphic and tabular form.

Our effective, universal tile laying systems also include PCI Nanolight® tile adhesive and the flexible adhesives PCI Flexmörtel® S1 and PCI Flexmörtel® S2. Using these products, you can lay tiles rapidly and securely before grouting and sealing the tiling in a professional way using PCI Nanofug® Premium joint grout and PCI Silcofug® E sealant – for a tiled floor covering that remains immaculate over its lifetime.


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Tile adhesives from PCI – for professional tile laying

The PCI Group is a modern company with traditional values and has now been a recognized manufacturer of construction and flooring materials for more than 70 years. The quality and precision of our work are reflected not only in our services but also in our products. As a professional manufacturer of construction chemicals, we also offer high-quality tile adhesives.

PCI FT® Extra, a polymer-modified tile adhesive for ceramic tiling, and PCI FT® Flex for large fully vitrified slabs offer extraordinary performance and can be used both for floors and for wall tiling.