Flat roofs are often covered with bitumen membranes which may be damaged by ultraviolet rays from the sun as a result of their black color. To protect the cladding and eliminate this problem, light-colored gravel is placed on the roof. It is recommended to apply a gravel bed stabilizer so that the gravel is not blown across the roof in a storm.

The stabilizer stabilizes, consolidates and protects the gravel bed. Depending on the application process, either the surface or the entire gravel layer may be stabilized. We have developed the PCI Stabiflex® gravel bed stabilizer for flat roofs with an inclination of up to 5 ° which is particularly easy to use and ideal for landscape gardening.

Stabilizing gravel with PCI Stabiflex

PCI Stabiflex is a ready-for-use gravel bed stabilizer consisting of a single-component synthetic resin dispersion that can be applied to the gravel layer by two different processes. To ensure optimum results, the gravel layer must consist of gravel which has been washed, is dry and is distributed evenly over the roof. If the surface of the gravel layer is to be consolidated at a later date, the PCI product is simply stirred and then applied to the gravel using a watering can or spray. On the other hand, if the flat roof is to be covered by a thoroughly consolidated, hard layer of gravel, the gravel is mixed with PCI Stabiflex in a gravity mixture and then distributed in an even layer.


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Fast, effective and reliable: gravel bed stabilizer from PCI

A clear advantage of PCI Stabiflex compared with other gravel bed stabilizers is its solvent-free formulation, avoiding emissions which are harmful to construction workers or the environment. In addition, the product does not harm the roofing membrane. The gravel bed stabilizer is designed solely for outdoor applications and can be applied at substrate temperatures between 10 °C and 30 °C. After it has fully cured, the white synthetic resin dispersion becomes transparent and can withstand temperatures between - 20 °C and + 70 °C.

Would you like to find out more about our PCI gravel bed stabilizer or other products from our range? If so, just contact your local PCI specialist adviser.