New construction of the public swimming baths Schlossbad Niederrhein in Wickrath




Mönchengladbach, Germany


All tiling works of the new swimming baths ranged from the entrance hall, changing rooms, lavatories and showers, to storage rooms, side rooms as well as pool surrounds, alleyway to the sports pool, recreation pool, paddling pool and the stairs of the whitewater area. Mosaic was laid on the upstands on pool surrounds and flower pots. The total area sums up to 3,825 sqm.



23.000 m²

Products used:

PCI Apoten

PCI Pecitape 120

PCI Durafug NT

PCI FT Extra

PCI Gisogrund 303

PCI Nanocret 100

PCI Nanoflott

PCI Nanolight

PCI Pecitape 90° A/I

PCI Pecitape

PCI Pecitape 10 x 10

PCI Pecilastic W

PCI Seccoral 2K


Projekt Bauleitung pbp, Mühlheim-Ruhr

General contractor:

Niederrheinische Versorgung und Verkehr AG (NVV), Mönchengladbach


Brings Architekten, Mönchengladbach


Fliesen Lepping, Vreden

Specialist advice:

Stefan Marx


Four public baths are made available to the Moenchengladbach citizens and their guests. And because the baths should attract many people with different interests the local public utility company NNV AG developed a concept by assigning each of them a clear profile: family and sports baths - Vitusbad, sports baths and spa resort – Pahlkebad, family baths and water park – Schlossbad Wickrath, outdoor water park with event catering – Freibad Volksgarten. An important part of this concept now became true with the opening of the Schlossbad Niederrhein (formerly Schlossbad Wickrath) early February 2008.





After about 30 years in use Schlossbad Wickrath has had its days for quite a while. It worked uneconomically with hopelessly out-dated technology. And therefore the conversion of the Wickrath bathtub into an attractive waterpark for old and young completed in summer 2007 can be best described as a new building. Only the 25 metre pool, part of the basement accomodating the technical devices and the supports of the roof construction were remainders from the old indoor swimming baths.