Protection for potable water and construction projects

All-rounder PCI Barraseal

According to the Drinking Water Ordinance, all materials which come into contact with potable water must be tested according to strict guidelines. With PCI Barraseal, PCI Augsburg GmbH offers a rigid mineral waterproof coating which has recently also been approved for this sensitive area of application.

Having passed both the hygienic and chemically-sensory test for cement-based materials according to DVGW worksheet W 347 and microbiological testing in accordance with DVGW W 270, PCI Barraseal now counts among the "substance(s) and materials which may be used for the construction or maintenance of systems for the collection, processing or distribution of drinking water and which have contact with potable water" according to Section 17 of the Drinking Water Ordinance (Trinkwasserverordnung § 17). This means it is safe to use for sealing potable water tanks.

For safe use on potable water construction projects

"The PCI Barraseal mineral waterproof coating, with its new formulation and new name, is the successor of our tried-and-tested PCI mineral waterproof coating and can be used in many ways," explains Margit Heichele, Product Manager at PCI. "It is used to seal basements, swimming pools and potable water tanks with a fill level of up to 10 m." The universal product can be applied inside and out, on walls and floors, construction projects above and below ground, and in new and existing buildings. PCI Barraseal can also be used together with quartz sand to prepare a mortar for small fractures in domestic water projects as required. Since the rigid cement-based coating is sulfate-resistant, it can also be used against penetrative attacks in waste water projects or efflorescence on masonry. It is waterproof and frost resistant and can withstand temperatures between -20 °C and +80 °C. It can be loaded with water after just a few days.

Easy to handle

The single-component PCI Barraseal comes pre-mixed and only needs to be combined with water. Thanks to its plastic, smooth consistency, the waterproof coating is easy to apply and fill. Pores and recesses are sealed quickly and reliably. As PCI Barraseal also bonds securely, no primer or bonding course is required.

New: the PCI Barraseal mineral waterproof coating has recently been approved for the sealing of potable water tanks.

Thanks to its plastic, smooth consistency, the PCI Barraseal mineral waterproof coating is easy to apply and fill. There's no need for a primer or bonding course.