PCI Nanolight

All-rounder with improved formulation

With its combination of lightweight mortar and nanotechnology, PCI Nanolight has set new standards in the market. Since 2003, the lightweight, multi-use flexible mortar has stood for a new generation of tile adhesives. From 2017, the revised formulation offers improved non-sag properties as well as greater convenience and higher reliability for users. 

Non-sag properties for large, heavy tiles
”The current trend is towards heavier and larger tiles – also for walls. The improved non-sag properties of PCI Nanolight take account of this development,” says Thorsten Leppler, Product Manager, Tile Fixing Systems, PCI Europe. During the curing of the tile adhesive, extremely fine nano structures are formed in the cement matrix, forming an interlocking bond between the back of the tile and the substrate. As a result, even heavy tiles can be fixed on walls without slipping. At the same time, tilers can still correct the position of the tile on the wall.

Convenient processing without stiffening
PCI Nanolight offers a convenient working time of about 90 minutes without stiffening. The tiling can be walked on and grouted about eight hours after laying and can be fully loaded after about 24 hours. Another factor in reliable application is the “forgiving” nature of the adhesive, which can even tolerate “ad lib” mixing without a precisely measured gauging water quantity and develop its characteristic properties even under such less-than-ideal conditions.

A proven all-rounder for a variety of applications
”Despite all these improvements, the properties that have made PCI Nanolight the most popular tile adhesive featuring lightweight mortar technology among tilers are not sacrificed,” says Leppler. PCI Nanolight is still an all-rounder that can be used for laying all types of tiles and slabs on any substrate. “Often, contractors do not find ideal conditions on site,” says Leppler. “Floor and wall tiles with a wide variety of types, sizes and specific weights are used on a variety of substrates. Tiles are installed on tiles, PVC, cement screed, anhydrite screed or even on metal. The most convenient and most economical solution is use of a universal tile adhesive that is suitable for all substrates and all types of ceramic tiling.”

Other tried and tested properties of PCI Nanolight that remain unchanged include significantly reduced dust formation during opening, pouring and mixing – reducing dust levels in the air and helping keep the site clean, and the creamy consistency that allows fast, efficient working. PCI Nanolight also provides up to 45 percent higher coverage than conventional tile adhesives without lightweight mortar technology. Thanks to the weight of only 15 kg per bag and the handles which are provided, the bags are easy to carry. The integrated tear strip also means that they are easy to open.

Very low emissions for a more comfortable living space
PCI Nanolight is a very-low-emission product which has been awarded class EC 1 PLUS R under the GEV EMICODE. Together with other very low-emission products such as PCI Gisogrund, PCI Periplan or PCI Nanofug Premium, it forms part of PCI’s very low-emission Universal Tiling System which makes for a more comfortable living space with minimized emissions to the ambient air.

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PCI Nanolight can be used to reliably fix heavy, large-format slabs on walls thanks to an improved formulation. The revised formulation of the lightweight, multi-use, flexible mortar offers greater convenience and higher reliability for users.