Novelty at the BAU: PCI Zemtec 180 and PCI Zemtec 230

PCI Augsburg GmbH have increased their range of cement-based special products for the constructor. New products presented at the BAU 2009 are the cementitious flowable screed PCI Zemtec 180 and the cement-based, polymer modified coating PCI Zemtec 230.

The first figure in the product name stands for the number of components, the other two figures stand for the maximum layer thickness of the respective product.


The 1-part PCI Zemtec 180 is a cementitious flowable screed for layer thicknesses from 15 mm to 80 mm with numerous practical advantages: suitable for direct use, combines a long working time (approx. 50 minutes) with rapid and shrinkage-reduced curing and is therefore ideal for construction works where time is a factor. The surfaces are walkable after three hours, able to take loads after two days (at standard climate). Classical fields of application are industrial halls and warehouses or workshops. Due to the special shrinkage-reduced cement-based polymer-modified mix PCI Zemtec 180 has very good application features: the material is self-levelling, pumpable and can therefore be applied in upright position – these factors increase the tiling capacity.PCI Zemtec 180 is resistant to weathering and frost/de-icing salt and can therefore be applied outdoors. The new cementitious flowable screed achieves compressive strengths over 50 N/mm² in cured condition, therefore – and also due to the low abrasion – withstands mechanical heavy-duty loads