Bonded construction in the urban paving business

New PCI brochure including product recommendation

Roads and squares in cities and communities are increasingly constructed with historical or new natural stone pavings. For a durable and solid look of such surfaces the joint grout meets important functions. PCI Pavifix CEM is a water impermeable cementitious joint grout for pavements especially suitable for bonded construction. It can be used for mosaic, small sett and large sett paving and for grouting natural stone surfaces in the pouring or elutriation method. All technical requirements and details for the professional application of this product are explained in a brochure presented on the occasion of the GaLaBau 2008 in Nuremberg. The standard DIN 18318 applicable to this field included the regulations for surfaces subject to vehicular traffic also in bonded construction until its new edition was issued in 2006. The new edition, however, only covers the so-called standard construction method and does not include the bonded construction any more except for the installation of drainage channels. But this construction method is very common in urban practice due to its advantages (high load capacity by vehicles, long durability). Leaflets and worksheets concerning the application of bonded construction are available e.g. from the Research Institute for Road and Traffic (FGSV) or the International Association for Science and Technology of Building Maintenance and the Preservation of Monuments (WTA). The new brochure comprises regulations for the standardization of traffic area pavements (RstO 1) and the building classifications for the top structure of roadways stated therein. PCI Pavifix CEM can be used a.o. for building classification III and IV which means the application in main traffic and industrial roads, in bus areas and roundabouts. The brochure also specifies data like compressive strength, bending tensile strength and adhesive tensile strength, shrinkage, resistance to wear and frost/de-icing salt. Step-by-step instructions and photos describe how to apply the cementitious joint grout for pavings. A summary indicating material consumption, recommended joint width and depth as well as working and curing times conclude the new brochure.